TP-B1 (battery oxygen concentrator 3L)

  • Light and Portable.Only approx 2kg, easy to carry.
  • Low noise, mute motor, physical oxygen generation. Below 50db.
  • Energy efficient and cost effective 
  • chargeable lithium battery


The benefits of Rich Oxygen:

– Refurbishing brain activity
– Energizing physical conditions
– Rich oxygen generation for skin care
– Relaxing sub-health status caused by fatigue
– Reducing hazards of cigarettes and alcohol
– Aid restful sleep
– Boost the immune system
– Sterilizing and deodorizing

Specail recommendation for 8 groups of poential consumers
– White-collar women: skin care, maintenance 0 skin nutrition and elasticity and reduction of sub-health status
– Aged: prolonging life, improving immunity, preventing disease, oxygen therapy
– Pregnant women: beneficial to the women and helpful to fetus development
– Businessman: relaxing physical and metal tension, improving physical ability, reducing sub-health status and improving work efficiency.
– Students: improving remembrance, refreshing and reducing mental fatigue
– Workers: releasing fatigue, refreshing and increasing physical ability
– Patients: increasing the auxiliary treatment of Cardio – cerebral vascular diseases, diabetes and respiratory diseases.
– Plateau tourism lovers: Releasing the symptoms of lacking of oxygen on plateau .

– Size: 260(L)*110(W)*170(H) mm
– Weight: 2.4KG for the full unit including Generating unit + adapter + lithium battery (15V,4A) + charger ( Generating unit+ adapter is only 2.0KG)
– Airflow outlet: Approx 3L/min (standard atmospheric pressure)
– Concentration: 29%+/-2%( standard atmospheric pressure)
– Power Consumption: average below 32 W
– Rated Voltage: AC 100-240V 50-60HZ or DC 12-17V
– Noise: below 50dB
– Application temperature: 5~40C Application humidity: below 90%RH
– Storage temperature: 0~40C Storage humidity: below 80%RH

Note: The machine is recommended to work up to 8hrs continuously, and then let it rest for about 30 minutes and restart. Battery duration is 60-80 minutes per full charge

– Light and Portable.Only approx 2kg, easy to carry.
– Low noise, mute motor, physical oxygen generation. Below 50db.
– Energy efficient and cost effective: Mini size, Economical power consumption, Just concentrates pure oxygen from environment air, so it is nearly no cost.Long term use can save you thousand of dollars.
– Convenient: It provides continuous supply of oxygen without the need to store and replace cylinders.
– Reliable and easy to maintain. Just keep the intake filter clean and clear of dust. No need of special installation nor wait for deliveries refill tanks like liquid oxygen or oxygen tanks.
– Easy to operate. Simplified concise control system with intensive design under the control of only 2 buttons. .
– FREE BONUS : International standard adapter(100-240V) safety withstands serious change of power pressure and frequency. It makes this item can be used all over the worldwide.
– Furnished with chargeable lithium battery can be used at home. In a car and even the place without power supply.
– Advanced photo catalyst active carbon functions to remove dust, bacteria and odors from air delivering clean and fresh air.
– Long working time: It can be operated extended hours continuously plugged to a wall or car power outlet. (up to 8 hrs continuously)
– Oxygen purity to 29(+/-2)% , life standard clean rich oxygen supply.

Package included: 
– 1 x Main oxygen concentrator
– 1 x Power adapter
– 1 x Carry Bag
– 1 x Extender tube with vaporizer capsule
– 1 x Rechargeable Lithium Battery
– 1 x Lithium Battery charger
– 1 x Nasal Cannula
– 1 x Power Cord Product pictures:
– 1 x English User Maunal


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