Air 360+ Portable Nebulizer


1*USB chargingcable

1*user manual


1. Detachable mesh head and mesh disc, easy for cleaning and sterilization. 2. Fine particles, better medication delivery. 3. High nebulization rate and efficiency, shorten the
treatment time, especially ideal for pediatric asthma
treatment. 4. More efficient, achieves better treatment; residual volume less than 0.1ml. 5. Automatic shut-off when medication is used up. 6. Silent operation, more comfortable. 7. Power supply: DC3.7V lithium batteries. or Micro USB 5.0V
8. Power consumption: 5W
9. Battery life: rechargebel titanate battery > 5years. 10. Nebulization rate: 0.5ml/min
11. MMAD:1.0um~5.0um
12. Medication cup capacity: 7ml max 13. Device dimensions: 51W)mm*38(L)mm*104(H)mm


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